Elective Modules

Please note: of the electives (equivalent to 35 credits), students must choose modules worth at least 10 credits from each of the social sciences and the natural sciences; students may also choose 1 "general education" elective (5 credits) outside of these fields (e.g. German as a foreign language).

The lists below are not exhaustive, meaning that electives from the social and natural sciences not appearing in these lists may also be considered. Some of these courses may not be offered each year, therefore please consult TUMonline for their availability. For a list of suitable electives, including "general education", please click HERE. Very important: before registering for an elective, check to see if you fulfil any prerequisite ("prior knowledge") requirements.

Examples of elective modules from the social sciences (please note: not exhaustive list. At least 10 credits must be chosen):

  • Advanced Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • Consumer Economics & Policy
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • Food Economics
  • Human Security & Development
  • Organizational Behavior, Theory, & Development
  • Network Analysis & Management
  • Research Project International Horticultural Science: Economics & Management
  • Regulatory Economics & Policy
  • Sustainability Marketing & Sustainable Consumption

Examples of elective modules from the natural sciences (please note: not exhaustive list. At least 10 credits must be chosen):

  • Agriculture Technology Systems
  • Aquatic Ecology & Conservation (half course, must be taken together with "Fisheries Management")
  • Fisheries Management (half course, must be taken together with "Aquatic Ecology & Conservation")
  • Beverage Engineering
  • Energy Conservation & Alternative Energy Resources
  • Functional Food
  • Host – Parasite Interaction
  • Land Use Systems from a Global Perspective
  • Material Flow Management & Application
  • Modeling, Sensing & Control in Life Science Applications
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant Breeding & Seed Production
  • Quality of Food Crops
  • Transgenic Livestock in Agriculture & Biomedicine

General education electives

  • Deutsch als Fremsprache A1.1 or A1.2 or B1.1 or B2.1
  • Project Administration, Documentation and Publication (in German only)
  • Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaft der Technik (in German only)