Application and Admission


IMPORTANT ADVICE: submit your application well before 31 May (suggestion: at least by 30 April)

Admission requirements

The educational requirement is an above average qualification in one of the following in the social- or natural sciences: Bachelor’s, “Diplom” or Master’s degree, or the equivalent.

Applicants are expected to have the following commensurate basic knowledge in economics and business administration: micro- and macroeconomics, accountancy, marketing and strategic management.

Further information concerning a Bachelor's degree: "a qualified Bachelor’s degree in economics with basic knowledge in the natural sciences equivalent to at least 30 credits, or comparable programs obtained from a domestic university in the Life Sciences, or comparable programs in Agricultural Science, Horticultural Science, Environmental and Natural Science with basic knowledge in economics worth 30 credits, or an equivalent achievement" (from Section 36 of the  program´s Examination and Academic Regulations), see the FPSO below, and FAQ No. 5.

Proven proficiency in English is also required. See FAQ No. 11 for more details.

Please note: to qualify, you need credits in both the life sciences and social sciences. For further details, please consult the program´s Examination and Academic Regulations (FPSO), especially §36. See FAQ No. 5 for more details.

Application procedure

Please note: applications must be done online. Information regarding admission requirements for all students (local and international), procedures, and formalities are available online at the following link: Applying to the TUM. If you are from Asia and require help, please consult the TUM Asia Assistance Centre (to access their flyer, click HERE) by clicking HERE.

You need to apply online via the portal TUMonline, where you will be requested to create an account (to switch the langauge from German to English, click the small "de/en" icon that is located to the right of, and in the same bar, as the Login icon, at the top-right of the TUMonline page), which will then be your destination for information during the selection process and beyond.

The official application period is: 1st January to 31st May annually.

Important tip: the earlier you apply the better! This will help you receive a prompt reply from TUM. AVOID leaving it “to the last minute” by applying before 30 April.

Completed hard copy forms with all your supporting documentation must reach the university on or before the 31st of May. We encourage you to act early and use the 30 April as a shadow deadline for sending all hard copy documents to TUM's Admissions Office.

The Master’s Program Life Science Economics and Policy can only be entered in October (winter semester).