Students' Corner

This section is dedicated to relevant academic and social news for the MLSEP students. The Noticeboard page contains informaiton about lecture schedules, and important dates such as term times and examination periods.

Students' Home Country

The global reach of our program is shown by the many countries outside of Germany from which our students come from. Herewith is a list (in alphabetical order) of home countries for the students that have enrolled so far.

Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Student Gallery

Name: Nagima Ayubayeva
Country: Kazakhstan
Year started: 2014

"I am honored to be the first student from Kazakhstan to have opportunity of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious universities and doing the unique Life Science Economics and Policy Master's program! I graduated from the University of Essex (United Kingdom) with first class honors BSc Economics degree. Despite of having good knowledge in economics, I felt a strong need to link this core knowledge with globally emerging issues such as climate change, food security, environmental degradation and the increasing demand for energy. This program provides a unique chance to study disciplines in agriculture, the biological sciences and food processing that could be directly applied to real life sectors to address global challenges. Moreover, the program offers other sources of knowledge acquisition, such as excursions, conferences, and seminars, and equips us with research methods and analytical tools. The professional team of Professors, Supervisor and PhD students makes the learning process interesting and exciting. I am very proud to be a part of such unique international program. It is important for me to say thank you to this program for my new friends from all over the world! I am very happy to welcome all new intakes and wish them good luck in their new adventure life full of emotions and knowledge!"

Name: Yeboah Edmund
Country: Ghana
Year started: 2014

"I studied General Agriculture for my undergraduate degree in Ghana. I was interested in understanding the interplay between Agriculture, Economics and Policy. And thus my choice for MSLEP, which is a deep and insightful experience. The course combines sound theoretical knowledge interlaced with real-life practical applications with opportunities to witness the outcome of these principles in the real world. This course is giving me the tools, expertise and the confidence to walk out there and impact my generation."

Name: Ebele Maduekwe
Country: Nigeria
Year started: 2014

“Studying Life Science Economics and Policy (LSEP) at TUM is a fulfilling experience for me. The program structure, the state-of-the-art facilities and teachers' competencies fulfilled all I need in my quest to become an economist and a policy analyst in the life sciences. The multicultural environment offers me various opportunities to learn and socially interact with internationally diverse individuals. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Applied Microbiology, the LSEP program has opened a new frontier for me in understanding natural science applications, and their economic costs and benefits in real world situations. I am now much more than a scientist, I am becoming an economic scientist!"

Name: Li Can
Country: China
Year started: 2014

MLSEP is a master program full of opportunities to explore yourself. It gave me the opportunity to transfer from my previous university and to further study what inspires me more. I was chosen by the TUMexchange program to study abroad from 07.2015 to 12.2015 at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, where I registered for 3 courses: Advanced Functional Food, Global Agriculture Challenge, and Australian Bush Food. I was also able to do my research project there with Prof. Sangeeta. This is a compulsory module for MLSEP.  All my laboratory work and research is sponsored by UQ. The research experience there is really unforgettable and meaningful for me.

TUM, Munich and Germany, all make me feel full of confidence and expectation.

Name: Vipul Sharma
Country: India
Year started: 2014

Since leaving school I was a student of biotechnology. The commercial side of red biotechnology has always fascinated me more than its technical details. Considering this I studied biotechnology engineering at  the undergraduate level, followed by a business management master's degree and now an economics master's program: The MLSEP program. I chose this program because it provides in-depth economics knowledge through its compulsory courses and allows students to choose their own path via the electives courses. Thus, the MLSEP program handles the emerging issues in the life sciences industry along with furnishing the students with advanced tools in economics. This nurtures a sense of responsibility and confidence in students.